Travelling Tips For Women

Travel tips for women travellers starts from choosing a hotel. Women before staying in a hotel should know the details about the hotel’s management and should have proper introduction with the women employee there. The hotel room should have privacy for guests getting in. No one should be able to know the person’s name, phone number or any personal details. The women workers should move friendly with the host so that it will be easy for us to survive there.To avoid robbery during staying in the hotel lock your valuable thing in the safety locker and keep the key with you. While using the elevator stand behind the elevator buttons, so that during emergency if you push the buttons with your back it will be helpful.While walking in the streets, act smartly so that you do not look like a tourist. Avoid wearing gold ornaments. To enquire about directions approach any families or old persons. If you are attacked by strangers shout aloud so that people around can hear and help you.Transportation is the important thing where you should keep your things safe.Use covered luggage tags. During night travels, keep your valuable things in your waist pouch. While travelling in a car do not show your guide notes or maps to the driver, as in many places drivers act as robbers.Women should be very careful while travelling alone in car. Lock your car doors while driving; never open your front door when some unknown person knocks. Be alert in parking lots, do not trust well dressed strangers.If you suspect that you are been stalked then immediately approach the near by police station. Give them a complaint with the identification of the person whom you suspected.Get to know about your neighbours so that they may help you in case of emergency.Don’t answer the phone call without hearing the “hello” voice. Always have a mobile with you so that you can keep in touch with your friends.

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