Are Employment Agencies Worth It?

Matching job seeking individuals with potential employers is the job of organizations known as employment agencies. These agencies can either be a privately owned or public one. Agencies that are public are typically funded by some government sector, while employment agencies of the private variety are owned by corporations or individuals.HistoryThe constitution of employment agencies of the public variety has been known to date back to the mid sixteen hundreds. When a British Parliamentarian proposed the “Office of Addresses and Encounters” that would function to connect employers to potential workers, the proposal rejection led to the creation of his own private company.The Labor Act establishment in the early nineteen hundreds oversaw the government’s formation of the first ever London agency. In 1909, when the Labour Exchanges Act was enacted, this program spread all over the nation. All developed nations now have public agencies in place that are setup to assist individuals who are seeking employment.Temporary vs PermanentAgencies of employment can be permanent as well as temporary. The terminology can be semantic, and can in turn become misleading. Though the agencies may not be temporary themselves, the jobs that are being offered can be temporary, since there are employers seeking to hire workers for work on a short-term basis. This is common in jobs like bookkeeping, secretarial, accounting jobs, or technical fields that tend to be contractual. Projects that are short-lived also require workers on a short-term basis.Field SpecificThere are also organizations that focus on particular areas, and provide only services that are specific. It is a smart move for a job seeker to use an employment agency, however with the large range of providers in existence, it is essential to select the right one. Opting for a private or public employment agency should depend on the type or quality of service one expects to obtain from the organization.Free ServicesEven if you are choosing an unpaid or free service, it may be of better advantage to use more services available to work for you. The process should be handled carefully in order to avoid any conflicts. There seems to be reciprocal benefits to all involved in the agency field.OutsourcingMany employers are perpetually complaining about the difficulties that are involved in finding employees suitable for the job. Depending on the employment level, the method can often be expensive and exhaustive, particularly for companies that may be on a tight budget. Job seekers may even realize that the job hunting process itself seems like a reward-less full-time job. Agencies for employment work as a go-between-er that can draw together employers and employees in a manner that is much more efficient.Not all businesses have a human resource department to handle employment, thus for this situation the effective filling of this vacant position can be handled simply by an agency. Consider agencies as an outsourced version of a human resource department for your business. It is estimated that it takes over a month and half to fill up a vacant job slot, and it can also cost twenty-five percent of the position’s salary, therefore seeking an agency’s assistance is worth the money.Employment agencies work for either employers or job seekers. Hiring an agency can help both parties save the time and effort.

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